Customer & Partner Management

Enhance the customer journey through proactive care and loyalty mechanisms.

Strengthen partnerships with a comprehensive offering that improves every step of the partnership lifecycle, from onboarding to settlement.


Netcracker's Customer & Partner Management offering leverages analytics to improve customer and partner relationship management, introduce proactive customer care and drive loyalty improvement initiatives.

It allows you to develop, manage and personalize customer- and partner-centric interactions by centralizing and analyzing related data. These structured and unstructured data are obtained from a variety of sources, such as IoT sensors, switches, routers, probes, VNFs, NFVI and the cloud.

Our Customer & Partner Management offering is built on a unified platform to simplify, accelerate and automate procedures associated with managing customers and partners. Its modular, standards-based architecture allows you to deploy separate products that can be integrated easily with existing IT infrastructure.

Our solution increases customer care and partnership management efficiency and agility across all lines of business and partner types. It also helps you embrace new customer experience trends and prevent customer churn by launching advanced, analytics-based personalized loyalty programs and tracking their performance.

This offering can be provided as a licensed product, managed service or through a cloud-based model to meet any budget and operational requirements.



Our offering enables you to:

  • A unified platform that boosts operational agility and enables a single approach to customer and partner relationships management.
  • Centralized and up-to-date 360-degree views of customers and partners, their services, interaction histories, as well as product information and other important data.
  • Proactive customer care tools with a shared knowledge base that help customer service representatives quickly address complex problems to improve customer experience, simplify support and reduce interaction costs.
  • Create highly flexible collaborative environments for partners through open platforms.
  • Generate new revenue by monetizing lucrative OTT content, partner applications and other partner relationships.

Customer & Partner Management comprises the following modules:

Customer Information Management

Provide a single view of all customer and partner information online, including historical and present-date account, behavior, buying and spending details.

Loyalty Management

Gain a stronger understanding of customer behavior to provide personalized interactions and offers and improve customer loyalty.

Contract & SLA Management

Enable full contract and SLA lifecycle management from multistage creation and negotiation to signing and renewal.

Customer Order Management

Track and manage customer orders in multiservice, multivendor environments.

Customer Care & Problem Management

Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently with enhanced end-to-end customer care and issue resolution capabilities across all channels.

Partner Management

Improve partner management capabilities with a comprehensive offering that is fully compliant with industry standards and best practices.

Netcracker 12 Customer & Partner Management
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