Product Management

Streamline operations by centralizing your product catalogs and offerings information.

Leverage unified product management to enable superior digital experiences.


Netcracker's Product Management offering eliminates bottlenecks in the product lifecycle and accelerates time-to-market for new products. It ensures that product-related information is consistent across all channels and systems, preventing errors that are often associated with managing multiple catalog systems.

Our offering enables you to keep pace with market demands and quickly address new challenges by helping position your products based on real customer needs. Powered by our Advanced Analytics capabilities, it helps you efficiently analyze product performance, allowing you to increase revenue and deliver a more personalized customer experience. 



Our offering enables you to:

  • Utilize an end-to-end view of products across all channels, interfaces and workplaces.
  • Eliminate data and effort duplication through a centralized product catalog.
  • Reduce costs by allowing business users to manage product information without IT assistance.
  • Improve customer experience by creating more customer-centric offerings through advanced product performance analyses.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products through streamlined product configurations with template-based approaches and reusable building blocks.
  • Create collaborative environments by providing secure access to product-related information to every user.

  • Enable greater product lifecycle management agility through enhanced visibility.
  • Generate new revenue with support for cloud and virtualized offerings.

Product Management comprises the following modules:

Product Catalog

Gain a single point of access to all product information across every service provider, partner and end-user channel.

Product Lifecycle Management

Make product management more agile and streamlined using context-based, dynamic product lifecycle management capabilities.

Netcracker 12 Product Management
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