Revenue Management

Drive new revenue, deliver digital services and transform pricing, consumption and customer experience.

Leverage a single converged platform for next-generation charging, billing and partner management.


Netcracker Revenue Management helps telecom operators and service providers to transform their existing complex and siloed business support systems (BSS) into highly efficient ecosystems. It enables multidimensional convergence across all combinations of network technologies, services and lines of business.

Our platform is ready for next-generation technologies and enables new revenue streams by allowing service providers to monetize LTE/VoLTE, cloud-based and virtualization services. It also maximizes business flexibility by supporting innovative multipartner business models. All Netcracker solutions are equipped with our best-in-class security features to keep your customer, service, operations and network data secure.



Our offering enables you to:

Boost Revenue
  • Enable new business partnership models by exposing network and connectivity functions for IoT partners, MVNOs and digital partners.
  • Ensure cross-industrial applicability through our proven success in communications, utilities, finance and logistics markets.
  • Leverage a future-proof platform to benefit from innovative cloud and virtualized service monetization scenarios.
Reduce TCO
  • Transform complex legacy environments into a multidimensional, cost-effective, integration-ready, convergent platform.
  • Configure and manage personalized tariffs and discounts, as well as converged service bundles, through a centralized product catalog.
Improve Loyalty
  • Utilize smart usage data monetization capabilities to generate personalized service offerings based on customer consumption behavior.
  • Ensure policy-driven intelligence and real-time processing capabilities are available for all customer types, regardless of payment method.
  • Support innovative, multidevice, cross-technology, convergent service bundles through excellent configuration flexibility.

Revenue Management Products

Netcracker 12 Revenue Management
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