Digital & Cloud Infrastructure

Unify virtualization and the cloud to unlock next-gen services and new revenue streams.

Enable programmable and elastic networks through the agile introduction of a wide range of VNFs and applications.


Netcracker's Digital & Cloud Infrastructure offering provides cloud components and applications designed to move digital strategies into practice. It serves as a strong foundation for cloud initiatives. Our offering comprises a full set of core and customer-edge virtual network functions (VNFs) to facilitate network virtualization and increase elasticity and programmability. Its comprehensive value-added VNF portfolio can help you move up the value chain to expand service offerings and launch innovative, flexible and personalized services quickly and efficiently.

Continuous market evolution changes how consumers, enterprises and machines use networks. The growing number of smart devices is stimulating demand for IoT services. But the time needed to innovate and launch new services is unacceptably slow in many cases due to rigid network infrastructure comprised of purpose-built hardware. In becoming a digital service provider, network infrastructure innovation is a core transformational goal.

By leveraging our open-source IoT application development platform, you can create and commercialize IoT applications easily. It includes a versatile suite of tools, including open APIs and protocols, widgets and code libraries along with an application testing environment.

Our Digital & Cloud Infrastructure offering is standards-based and leverages our Ecosystem 2.0, creating substantial opportunities for accelerated and risk-free onboarding and commercialization of partner services.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Leverage an extensive suite of virtualized network components to support any transformational project from the core network to the edge.
  • Deploy pre-integrated, best-of-breed VNFs in reduced timeframes.
  • Utilize open architecture with easy third-party VNF onboarding and future extension capabilities.
  • Go beyond connectivity to provide infrastructure and platform services to enterprises, including IoT and cloud computing.
  • Fully automate service delivery processes and reduce operations and maintenance costs.
  • Deploy new cloud-native mobile core components for dynamic resource utilization and a reduced legacy hardware footprint.

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