Core VNFs

Utilize an end-to-end ecosystem of VNFs that enables digital services through a software-driven core network.

Prepare and evolve core infrastructure for 5G and the cloud.


NEC/Netcracker's portfolio of Core VNFs addresses the current and long-term needs of today’s service providers. The portfolio helps you prepare and evolve core infrastructure to meet the requirements of upcoming trends like 5G, which is bringing about new challenges associated with growing user data volumes, continuous service innovation, the proliferation of IoT devices and the need to reduce costs.

Our Core VNFs support the shift from a hardware-centric infrastructure to the cloud. Our portfolio includes best-of-breed VNFs for packet core, IMS as well as subscriber data and policy management. They can be integrated easily into your IT environment to onboard, manage, orchestrate and commercialize core network services rapidly. Our Core VNFs ensure a smooth transition from physical network functions to cloud-native core VNFs with fully decomposed software functions. This enables network scaling for any emerging use cases, such as VoLTE and VoWiFi, and readies your core networks to meet large-scale IoT needs.

Our portfolio of Core VNFs benefits from NEC/Netcracker's Ecosystem 2.0 and its rapid VNF onboarding and commercialization capabilities. Our Core VNFs ensure continuous service delivery, help avoid vendor lock-in and accelerate the shift to a software-based approach that makes networking more scalable, flexible and innovative.



Our Core VNFs enable you to:

  • Leverage a complete set of VNFs and applications for voice and video over LTE or and Wi-Fi to enrich your services portfolio and ensure faster launches.
  • Tailor virtual core services to meet specific IoT application needs.
  • Accelerate your transition to 5G, migrating your core network to a software-centric approach.
  • Reduce TCO with multitenancy and core network resources that scale up and down rapidly according to demand.
  • Simplify network management with core network programmability, easier network configuration and reduced innovation costs.

Core VNFs comprise the following modules:

Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Adopt a service-centric approach and build a fully virtualized packet core to meet 5G’s scale requirements.

Virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem

Introduce a complete set of VNFs for VoLTE, VoWiFi and ViWiFi with pre-integrated and validated partner software.

Virtual Policy & Charging Rules Function

Manage policy rules, data processing and underlying resources in real time, flexibly adapting to market opportunities with fully virtualized PCRF functionality.

Virtual Subscriber Data Management

Leverage a suite of VNFs that creates a single point of contact for all subscriber data to streamline data management processes.

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