Value-Added VNFs

Innovate with an extensive portfolio of value-added VNFs.

Create, deploy and operate virtualized value-added services.


NEC/Netcracker offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of Value-Added VNFs ready for immediate deployment in NFV environments. Our Value-Added VNFs span security, traffic optimization, unified communications and media and content delivery. They can be dynamically chained in any combination with our end-to-end orchestration solution.

The deep relationships that we build and maintain with partners cover the technical and commercial aspects of every service in our large and constantly growing ecosystem. Our Value-Added VNFs enable you to gain the flexibility to work with different partners when creating, deploying and operating virtualized value-added services. Through our Ecosystem 2.0 program, you can facilitate testing and demonstrate interoperability between third-party virtualized solutions to minimize deployment risk and accelerate time-to-market.

In addition to seamless VNF onboarding, our portfolio of Value-Added VNFs offers an end-to-end service creation environment that supports service definition, design, deployment, lifecycle management, BSS/OSS integration and assurance.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Generate new revenue with an extensive portfolio of partner-enabled, virtualized value-added services for a variety of customer segments.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with pre-integration that spans the service lifecycle, including partner management, license management and service lifecycle management along with VNF- and network-service scripts.
  • Reduce operational and maintenance expenses with virtualized on-premises devices.
  • Enable continuous service innovation and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Value-Added VNFs comprise the following modules:


Address customers’ secure connectivity and cloud application delivery needs with VNFs for advanced security services.

Traffic Optimization

Replace outdated appliances with cloud-oriented software functions. Go beyond basic content filtering with granular content control.

Unified Communications

Deliver secure and robust voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging and unified communications with VNFs hosted in the cloud.

Media/Video Content Delivery

Target a broad range of customer segments with an array of media services supported with advanced monetization and personalization capabilities.

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