Digital Customer Enablement

Enable digital services and analytics-driven experiences across all of your channels.

Leverage a two-speed architecture and achieve superior business agility across marketing, care and sales engagements with lightweight cloud offerings.


Our Digital Customer Enablement layer is a comprehensive suite consisting of lightweight, analytics-driven and cloud-native offerings that address your specific business needs. It is designed to extend portfolios and create a one-stop-shop for digital services.

OTT providers and other digital pioneers have disrupted the value chain while revolutionizing customer experience with a  proactive, personalized and customer-centric approach. You need to enable a  value chain in which XaaS, virtualized and other digital services are major revenue producers. You also must facilitate rapid partner onboarding to accelerate time-to-market for new services without expensive IT transformation costs.

Your approach to experience management must adapt to avoid appearing obsolete compared to new competitors. You can satisfy your customers' ever-changing needs with dynamic, personalized journeys that engage proactively with real-time interaction management across both digital and conventional channels.

Our Digital Customer Enablement layer allows for personalized sales and marketing activities across a variety of channels with artificial intelligence-enabled analytics. This lightweight solution offers a range of marketing and sales capabilities that ensure sales efficiency and maximize profits across channels. It optimizes customer journeys to enable digital experiences and can be deployed with existing BSS to leverage a two-speed IT architecture and provide your business with the agility it needs.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Extend your digital services portfolio and grow revenue.
  • Bring new services to market faster and leverage a robust partner ecosystem.
  • Maximize customer lifetime value with personalized offers.
  • Personalize the customer journey with analytics-based customer engagement, self-service and real-time interactions.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with a two-speed IT architecture and enable dynamic portfolio and customer journey management.

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