Customer Channel Management

Enrich the customer experience with digital, omnichannel sales and support.

Provide personalized, analytics-driven customer interactions and improve customer service.


Netcracker's flexible, single platform-based Customer Channel Management offering enables you to optimize sales, ordering and customer support processes across a variety of channels, including self-service portals, POS terminals, social media platforms, mobile applications and more. It supports both traditional and innovative cloud and virtualized digital services, helping you address emerging market trends and secure long-term revenue streams.

Our Customer Channel Management solution simplifies and unifies a wide range of sales and care procedures. Its intelligent analytics tools help you improve end-to-end customer experience by utilizing up-to-date contextual information to ensure that the right services and products are delivered to the right customers, at the right time and through the right channels.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Analytics-driven, personalized customer experiences through context-driven, real-time offers and content via the appropriate channels at the right time.
  • Simplified user experiences through comprehensive bundling, configuration and subscription management processes for even the most complex products and services.
  • Streamlined customer service procedures by ensuring that customer service representatives (CSRs) and customers use a single portal with co-browsing features.
  • Special offers and customer-optimized channels with user-friendly interfaces to reduce call-center handling times.
  • Automated handling of customer issues with innovative customer care tools, including real-time visual support, smart chat bots and artificial intelligence.
  • Next-generation customer support via social networks.
  • Advanced CSR performance analysis capabilities to improve customer service efficiency.
  • Support for innovative offerings, such as smart homes and cloud services, to introduce new revenue opportunities.

Customer Channel Management comprises the following modules:

CSR Desktop

Provide a universal customer service platform to enable immediate insight into historical and real-time customer information to enable successful customer interactions.


Enable extensive self-care capabilities that help to reduce call center load, improve customer experience and increase ARPU.

Point of Sale

Optimize the sales process and quickly address customer needs and problems, turning every visitor into a sales prospect.

Social Channels & Care

Leverage social media channels to significantly improve every aspect of customer relationships.

Partner Portals

Offer comprehensive partner self-service functionality that brings together your ability to improve existing partnerships and create wide partner ecosystem.

Interactive Applications

Provide innovative, real-time, visual customer care tools that bridge the communication barrier between CSRs and customers to drastically improve digital customer journeys.

Netcracker 12 Customer Channel Management
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