E-Commerce & Marketplace

Drive revenue growth with new digital services.

Commercialize new lines of business and next-generation digital services.


Service stagnation has pushed service providers down the value chain and prevented sustainable business growth. Declining revenues have forced a move beyond connectivity services. Cloud services are in high demand due to increasing workforce mobility and the performance and economic benefits that SaaS offers to business customers. Our E-Commerce & Marketplace helps you overcome these challenges and meet new B2C and B2B market demands.

Our cloud-based E-Commerce & Marketplace offering enables sales, marketing and management of your digital services portfolio. It allows you to expand what you offer to customers and enter new market segments. It can be deployed quickly on top of your existing BSS infrastructure to rapidly launch new cloud and virtualized services offers.

Our E-Commerce & Marketplace leverages a constantly expanding partner ecosystem. It ensures that new services are onboarded quickly and enables you to adapt to changing customer and market demands. It provides tools to deliver effective marketing communication and drive the sale of XaaS and virtualized services across multiple channels, including direct sales and self-service models.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Introduce new digital services to your existing customers.
  • Maximize revenue per customer.
  • Enter new market segments with innovative offerings.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new services.
  • Build and leverage partner ecosystems.
  • Lower operations costs and enter new market segments.

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