Sales & Marketing Management

Boost sales performance and minimize customer churn.

Optimize marketing campaigns, lead-to-customer conversions and customer retention efficiency.


Increasing sales and reducing customer churn are absolutely critical for service providers to succeed.

Netcracker's Sales & Marketing Management offering incorporates contextual customer information that enables you to improve profits and reduce customer churn by delivering personalized interactions and offerings. It tracks marketing campaigns and sales performance in real time to help you resolve lead-to-customer conversion issues. Our offering optimizes marketing, sales and customer retention costs and effectiveness using built-in analytics.

The Sales & Marketing Management offering consists of Sales Management, Campaign Management, Lead & Opportunity Management and Churn & Retention Management components.

Sales Management helps you streamline sales processes with a single, intuitive interface and a variety of sales tools that enable you to improve sales efficiently through a range of native and partner channels.

Lead & Opportunity Management also enables you to improve sales processes by handling the creation, assignment, tracking and management of leads and opportunities.

Campaign Management increases sales and reduces churn by automating the marketing campaign lifecycle and generating targeted offerings to customer segments across multiple channels.

Churn & Retention Management proactively prevents customer churn and automates the entire retention process. This optimized component enables preventive actions in real time by triggering targeted and customized offers to subscribers, significantly reducing the propensity to churn. 



Our offering enables you to:

  • Ensure each lead is addressed as needed and minimize lead fallout with multisource lead capturing.
  • Increase sales volume by tracking sales performance and managing sales compensation.
  • Improve sales predictability and forecast accuracy through real-time sales data visibility and pipeline control.
  • Increase lead generation by launching targeted marketing campaigns through the use of accurate customer data and built-in analytics.
  • Minimize customer churn by managing different types of retention flows to satisfy customer expectations. 

Sales & Marketing Management comprises the following modules:

Sales Management

Streamline sales processes across native and partner channels with a 360-degree view of the sales force and an intuitive interface to all sales tools.

Campaign Management

Increase sales and reduce churn by generating targeted offerings to focused customer segments across multiple channels.

Lead & Opportunity Management

Streamline sales processes by managing the creation, assignment, tracking and management of leads and opportunities.

Churn & Retention Management

Reduce subscriber churn rates by triggering customized offers based on contextual customer data.

Netcracker 12 Sales & Marketing Management
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