Digital Operations Enablement

Automate operations to enable a smooth transition toward hybrid and virtual environments.

Improve operational efficiency by automating and simplifying key processes.


Virtualization and digital services are the key components in enabling traditional service providers to transform into digital service providers. In becoming a DSP, however, you must ensure that you are operationally prepared to manage the complexities of a hybrid network and IT environment.

Our Digital Operations Enablement layer enables you to rapidly create and deliver new digital, virtualized, cloud and value-added services over hybrid networks, without worrying about negatively impacting service quality or customer experience. Its unique functionality enables vendor-neutral NFV orchestration and delivers a set of technology-agnostic SDN controllers.

Underpinned by our Advanced Analytics offering, our Digital Operations Enablement layer supports centralized management and automated operations across complex hybrid environments, allowing you to improve operational excellence and optimize TCO.

Our offering is built on our more than 25 years of successfully delivering end-to-end service and resource management capabilities. As a result, it enables the next wave of innovation and solves any gaps in today’s solutions needed for automating hybrid operations management.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Transition smoothly to virtualized infrastructure by utilizing unified, modular, multilayer solutions capable of managing hybrid infrastructure and easily launching and delivering hybrid and virtual services seamlessly.
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce TCO by centralizing, automating and simplifying operations in hybrid environments through the use of advanced GUI capabilities and simplified system integrations.
  • Accelerate time-to market and generate new revenue streams by implementing a plug-n-play approach to service modeling and bringing new complex services to market based on rapidly changing trends.
  • Invest in virtualized infrastructure with confidence, knowing that our offering will remain compliant to both your business goals and technical requirements.

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