Hybrid Resource Management

Enable a smooth and seamless transition to virtualized infrastructure.

Leverage a unified, cross-domain and technology-neutral system for hybrid infrastructure management.


If you want to optimize your network, reduce costs and improve the quality of your service, you will need a resource management system that can serve as the focal point for all network operations. Our Hybrid Resource Management offering delivers a unified, cross-domain and technology-neutral system for hybrid infrastructure management, allowing you to automate a wide range of processes across both physical and virtual network and IT resources.

Our Hybrid Resource Management offering provides you with centralized, real-time visibility into network resources in order to simplify service creation, delivery and assurance. This insight also enables you to improve the efficiency of your core operational processes, including capacity management, planning, resource assignment, configuration management and other activities.

Hybrid Resource Management is fully configurable and agnostic to both technology and vendors, enabling the quick introduction and support of new network technologies. It is also ready for 5G, heterogeneous environments and other emerging complex networks that comprise millions of assets.

Our offering leverages our 25+ years of implementation expertise and is built on best practices to ensure you can smoothly transition to virtualized infrastructure. By enabling highly automated processes and operations, our offering can help you minimize manual work, reduce rework processes and improve productivity — all while reducing opex.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Smoothly transition to virtualized infrastructure by using a single, unified solution that supports multivendor physical and virtual network and IT environments.
  • Improve quality of service and customer experience by proactively monitoring heterogeneous networks in order to identify and resolve problems quickly before they can cause significant network issues.
  • Improve network efficiency by using intelligent, analytics-driven network capacity management capabilities, allowing you to avoid capacity problems and ensure fail-proof network and service design processes.
  • Boost operational efficiency by improving staff productivity, automating end-to-end lifecycle management and leveraging multifaceted infrastructure management and cross-platform, mobile-ready, web-based interfaces.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new technologies by adopting smart, automated network rollout processes and a plug-n-play approach.
  • Support long-term growth strategies by ensuring carrier-grade stability, performance and flexibility.

Hybrid Resource Management comprises the following modules:

Planning & Design

Plan, design and develop network changes and upgrades.

Configuration Management

Store, view and change network configurations in complex multivendor, multiservice environments.

Resource Monitoring

Proactively monitor heterogeneous networks to resolve problems quickly.

Active Resource Inventory

Consolidate and visualize resource data to optimize network management.

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