Hybrid Service Management

Build a foundation to enable agile and real-time automated operations.

Improve time-to-market by automating the delivery of next-gen hybrid and virtual services.


Netcracker’s Hybrid Service Management offering enables you to deliver innovative and converged services over a hybrid network. It provides a single, consolidated view of hybrid services, ensuring a safe and seamless transition to the agile and real-time automated operations that are critical for managing virtualized, cloud-based infrastructure.

Our offering provides a scalable service layer that bridges the gap between traditional and hybrid environments, supporting legacy and next-generation convergent service provisioning and assurance. With our offering, you can accelerate service delivery by using templates that are managed in a flexible catalog. This means that you can launch new services quickly and easily without depending on the network. Our offering also enables you to deliver higher quality services by supporting a service-centric view and directly correlating customers and networks.

By merging zero-touch service delivery with real-time proactive assurance capabilities, all while supporting end-to-end visibility of hybrid and virtual services, our offering helps you streamline processes and significantly reduce costs.

Our Hybrid Service Management offering leverages our Advanced Analytics, giving it the ability to provide end-to-end process transparency, which boosts service management decision-making and reduces operational reaction times. These capabilities will give you the opportunity to build and foster customer-centric strategies more effectively.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Improve time-to-market by automating the delivery of next-gen hybrid and virtual services through a catalog-driven service provisioning approach that leverages reusable service components.
  • Optimize opex and reduce TCO by using a unified platform that incorporates highly automated end-to-end hybrid service fulfillment and assurance processes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by leveraging analytics capabilities that enable predictive, real-time service assurance and management.
  • Smoothly transition to virtualized infrastructure through the use of a centralized, service-agnostic offering which accelerates the launch, delivery and assurance of hybrid and virtual services.

Hybrid Service Management comprises the following modules:

Service Catalog

View, access and manage multitechnology, multivendor services and components.

Service Inventory

Access information about the configuration of all installed services.

Service Activation

Get a unified approach to service activation, regardless of specific vendor dependencies.

Service Orchestration

Bring innovative services to market quickly and stay competitive in today's highly digital world.

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Service Quality Management

Obtain accurate, detailed and timely data and information on service quality and performance.

Service Problem Management

Quickly identify root causes of network problems, along with their impact on services and customers.

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