NFV Management & Orchestration

Operationalize NFV at scale.

Automate operations and reduce time-to-market for new virtualized services.


NEC/Netcracker's ETSI-compliant NFV Management & Orchestration offering fills the gaps in current solutions by automating operations and reducing time-to-market for new virtualized services. It helps you move to the cloud by solving operational issues regarding network functions virtualization. It also provides vendor-agnostic VNF onboarding, interoperability, scalability, security, accounting and licensing.

Our offering scales up and down to support residential and business customers. It includes NEC/Netcracker's growing ecosystem of partner VNFs, which provides significant opportunities for NFV commercialization. The solution enables continuous service innovation and fast introduction of new services and digital business models.

NFV Management & Orchestration delivers zero latency and high performance in its real-time responses to ongoing events and can manage multiple dynamic network services and virtual resources optimally.

Our solution's vendor-agnostic VNF Management component orchestrates individual VNFs, enabling seamless instantiation, updates, scaling, healing and termination. Our NFV Management & Orchestration offering also provides centralized license management to automate the entire VNF license lifecycle.


Our offering enables you to leverage:

  • Automated end-to-end, multivendor VNF onboarding.
  • Automated license lifecycle management for multivendor VNFs with extended reporting regarding license usage.
  • DevOps methodologies for new service design spanning integration, testing, distribution and operations.
  • Automated VNF lifecycle management that exceeds ETSI requirements.
  • Policy and analytics-based closed-loop control to support cross-domain and multilayer SLAs.
  • Built-in automated security management to minimize the risk of unauthorized access and prevent security threats.
  • Embedded analytics to enable proactive control decisions for network planning and optimization, performance anomaly detection and simplified troubleshooting.
  • Centralized virtual resource allocation and coordination, which covers all NFV infrastructure resource reservation, allocation and release requests.
  • A carrier-grade cloud-native platform which provides high availability, performance and scalability. 

NFV Management & Orchestration comprises the following modules:

Network Orchestration

Manage multiple dynamic network services and virtual resources in real time.

VNF License Management

Centralize license management to automate the entire VNF license lifecycle.

VNF Management

Manage the end-to-end multivendor VNF lifecycle from a single place.

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