Network Orchestration

Manage myriad dynamic network services and virtual resources in real time.

Introduce personalized, converged services and monetize partner services.


Virtual network functions (VNFs) can help you accelerate time-to-market for new services and avoid vendor lock-in. Multivendor VNF ecosystems can also introduce new revenue-generating opportunities, although managing these environments can be a challenge. You need a solution like NEC/Netcracker's Network Orchestration offering that can operate multiple VNF managers and VIMs simultaneously and provide mechanisms for rapidly onboarding new VNFs.

Our Network Orchestration offering enables you to enrich service portfolios with best-in-class, multivendor VNFs using an architecture framework that is fully compliant with ETSI's MANO standards. It also leverages a DevOps-driven service design environment that comes pre-integrated with TOSCA deployment templates.

With our Network Orchestration offering, you can fully automate VNF lifecycle management via a microservices-based architecture. It enables you to improve VNF lifecycle operations with a VNF manager and manage NFVI resources by interacting with corresponding Netcracker and third-party virtual infrastructure managers. Our offering also allows you to support dynamic service chaining of virtualized and non-virtualized network functions through SDN controller integration.

Our Network Orchestration helps to monitor network service fault and performance metrics and execute fault correlation and root analysis (via integration with resource monitoring from Netcracker or a third party) in case of an issue. It automatically triggers resolution actions (such as scaling and healing) based on specific monitoring policies, while embedded analytics enable you to make smart, proactive control decisions for network planning and optimization.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Reduce costs by automating operations and minimizing manual processes.
  • Operate multivendor network environments from a single platform.
  • Generate new revenue by launching converged services quickly.
  • Optimize customer experience by introducing customer-centric products on demand.

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