Features & Benefits

Our Revenue Management offering helps service providers:

Boost Revenue
  • Enable new business partnership models by exposing network and connectivity functions for IoT partners, MVNOs and digital partners.
  • Ensure cross-industrial applicability through our proven success in communications, utilities, finance and logistics markets.
  • Leverage a futureproof platform to benefit from innovative cloud and virtualized service monetization scenarios.
Reduce TCO
  • Transform complex legacy environments into a multi-dimensional, cost-effective, integration-ready, convergent platform.
  • Configure and manage personalized tariffs and discounts, as well as converged service bundles, through a centralized product catalog.
Improve Loyalty
  • Utilize smart usage data monetization capabilities to generate personalized service offerings based on customer consumption behavior.
  • Ensure policy-driven intelligence and real-time processing capabilities are available for all customer types, regardless of payment method.
  • Support innovative, multi-device, cross-technology, convergent service bundles through excellent configuration flexibility.

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