Agile Development & DevOps

Improve business agility by enabling continuity between development and operations.

Leverage Agile & DevOps best practices, methodologies and tools to deliver services faster.


Netcracker's Agile Development & DevOps services design, create and streamline continuous service and solution development processes. We offer clear guidance on how to leverage Agile methodologies and adopt DevOps best practices. These are complemented with comprehensive tools, techniques and experience.

We continuously deliver solution components for integration, testing and production with an Agile approach. We leverage process automation tools and bring business, development and operations teams together to collaborate. We help you to make organizational and cultural changes that drive collaboration between development, marketing and operations without risking security, reliability or performance. This collaboration environment allows you to respond to market changes rapidly and deliver services to customers on demand.

Because your ecosystems and multiple lines of business can be complex, transitioning to Agile and DevOps may only be successful if you work with a proven partner like Netcracker who can overcome challenges related to technology, organizational structure, process and culture.



Our services enable you to:

  • Accelerate time-to-market with increased service deployment frequency.
  • Manage shorter service lifecycle times and adapt quickly to changing market requirements.
  • Innovate constantly with experiment-driven development that focuses more resources on innovation.
  • Improve efficiency with automated processes and streamlined operations.
  • Deliver superior quality services faster to customers with automated testing.

Agile Development & DevOps comprises the following modules:

DevOps Organizational Consulting

Define a business-driven strategy for leveraging Agile methodologies and enabling a DevOps approach.

Collaboration Environment

Leverage a unified environment to optimize productivity across multiple and parallel teams, projects and tenants.

Training Center

Access end-to-end training support to efficiently use Agile/DevOps practices and knowledge sharing within your organization.

CI/CT/CD Automation Tools

Build a state-of-the-art DevOps toolchain to accelerate continuous solution integration, testing and delivery.

CI/CT/CD Best Practices

Leverage our proven techniques to run specific tools and testing environments, maintain applications and ensure security requirements are met.

Joint Development Governance

Ensure your ability to leverage Agile & DevOps strategies in order to bring real value to your business.

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