Building Business Services

Prepare to do battle for the business customer.

The evolving B2B market has introduced new revenue opportunities for service providers that can innovate and deliver the right business services.


The rising expectations of a new generation of digital workers have driven innovation and created disruption across the IT landscape. Opportunities to serve this segment have never been more significant, and yet the biggest changes are yet to come. Soon, businesses will rely on the Internet of Things for both the introduction of new products and services as well as to provide the “special sauce” behind their operational innovation. As this shift takes place, network operators will have the opportunity once again to play a key role in a huge societal shift. Where they find themselves in that value chain depends entirely on where they decide to focus right now.

Just as over-the-top players have disintermediated network operators from consumer content and communications services, the next wave of business services will face a similar threat from over-the-top digital and IT players. Network operators will have an inherent advantage when it comes to network-centric business services, but the network, once again, will not be enough. New entrants and non-traditional competitors alike are already poised to deliver new IT services, and these services will not look like traditional IT solutions. Instead, they will look and be assessed more like their consumer cousins — on-demand, cloud-based, self-managed, "personalized" to the business, with short response times — as they are purchased by a new generation of digital executives.

Delivering B2B services in such a challenging environment means building an optimized ecosystem that can manage complexity across customers, network operators and partners both for processes and IT systems, which often require business transformation. 

Netcracker provides the solution that helps you address the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. Our solution helps pull together the full power of the network, the creativity of the business and the experience of your ecosystem into relevant new services that grow your customer’s business.

Features & Benefits

Netcracker offers a complete solution for delivering B2B services:
  • Experienced team of consultants to support optimization of B2B business processes based on years of experience and industry best practices.
  • End-to-end service delivery from order to activation including automatic provisioning for complex B2B services.
  • Self-service capabilities enabling customers to order, configure and customize products and services on-demand.
  • Centralized enterprise product catalog for complex, configurable and customize products spanning your portfolio and your partners.
  • Customer management including complex hierarchies and real-time 360 degree view of the customer.
  • Extensive partner management capabilities to deliver partner-enabled services including network services and IT applications delivered either on premise or in SaaS model.
  • End-to-end service orchestration for complex hybrid services allowing customer to order and configure innovative new virtualized services along with existing business services.
  • Analytics-driven customer experience management for business customers across product, service and network layers.
  • Fully convergent, multi-business and cross-industrial revenue management platform which is Language – Tax – Currency – Payment Method – Agnostic with Complex multi-layer hierarchy support and advanced bill analytics.

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