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What is a Digital Service Provider?

A digital service provider leverages the substantial assets of a communications service provider — networks, IT systems, revenue management infrastructure, channels to market, customer care and support centers, and operations platforms — yet exhibits business and service model characteristics specific to the digital economy. These models include:
  • Intuitive, personalized customer experiences focused on convenience and including digital concierge services for a premium.
  • Simple but useful digital interaction channels for purchases, support, settings configuration, preferences, opt-in/opt-out and notification controls.
  • Sophisticated but smart pricing associated with a variety of digital consumption models, from subscription access to real-time charging.
  • Rapid service creation, innovation and iteration practices that test new services live in the marketplace, gather data-driven feedback and distribute enhancements directly to users.
  • Streamlined internal processes that provide visibility and control over services, information and access to customers, partners and customer service representatives.
  • Effective onboarding and interaction mechanisms that encourage partners to leverage access to channel and catalyze new service innovation.
  • Strong competencies in data analytics to measure business and service performance, understand customer and user behavior and to personalize relevant, contextual customer experiences in real time.
What is a Digital Service Provider?

Netcracker Digital Transformation Portfolio

Based on an unmatched, 20-year record of successful solution delivery, Netcracker’s digital transformation capabilities enable operators to thrive in the dynamic digital environment. We can help service providers unlock opportunities in the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), virtualization, over-the-top (OTT) applications and new business opportunities like mobile financial services.

We excel at large-scale digital transformation. Recognizing that no single approach suits every scenario, we assist service providers to envision, structure and deliver their digital transformation initiatives utilizing our digital transformation portfolio.
Netcracker Digital Transformation Portfolio
Our methodology assesses digital maturity, creates a long-term roadmap and vision, defines effective business cases, develops and aligns digital skills and lays out near- and long-term blueprints for transforming IT environments.

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