Transforming IT's Impact

Shift the focus of IT from fighting the old to building the new.

IT should lead the digital transformation by delivering new capabilities, technologies and processes that free the business to focus on growth.


Business and consumer expectations are rapidly evolving to higher and higher levels. That’s a challenge, but it also represents a big opportunity if service providers can improve the experience while launching new services more quickly. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, IT must step forward to explore and implement the new and often complex technologies powering digital experiences.

An IT organization that embraces opportunities to drive change becomes a competitive advantage of the business. However, for IT to confront this challenge, its fragmented, legacy systems and processes need to evolve into unified and streamlined hybrid architectures to create consistent, on-demand, personalized customer experiences. Better customer engagement is now an IT mandate.

To meet that mandate, IT needs a focused, pragmatic plan that yields tangible value and moves its company forward with clear business benefits and unifies customer engagement across channels. A plan designed to execute new business models rapidly, to engage partners and ecosystems, and to automate the operational environments that run your business. 

Netcracker brings over 20 years of experience in helping IT leadership deliver new capabilities, technologies and processes that drive business growth. We bring deep and broad consulting and services expertise from planning through to delivery, support and management together with the industry-leading end-to-end technology platform to help move service providers forward. 

Features & Benefits

Netcracker provides:
  • A broad portfolio of services that support both the building of pragmatic, executable strategies and the accountability and execution of those strategies.
  • The scale, expertise and investment to deliver the best approach for you, from system integration to end-to-end delivery to managed and hosted services and more.
  • An end-to-end technology platform designed to meet the needs of IT, speed time to deploy and lower total cost of ownership.
  • A comprehensive service and technology portfolio focused on the operationalization of network virtualization and software-define networking technologies.
  • A unified customer experience across multiple channels whether that be across business lines, customer end points or both.
  • A clear path to an automated operational environment required to run digital business operations.
  • Flexible revenue management systems designed to quickly enable new digital business models, accelerating the path to revenue for new opportunities.
  • Comprehensive partner management solutions that enable easy participation in new value chains and ecosystems.
  • CMMI Level 5 certified software engineering that confirms our use of best practices to improve the development and delivery of our products and services.

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