Telco Leaders Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation – Part Two

For telcos, the days of acquiring and then selling spectrum are almost over, with major growth opportunity shifting to adjacent businesses and the services telcos can sell on top of their core infrastructure.
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Telco Leaders Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation – Part One
November 20, 2023
At DTW23 - Ignite, six C-level executives joined Netcracker’s Chairman and CEO Andrew Feinberg to share anecdotes of transitioning from a telco to a techco. In this two-part blog series, we will look at the key takeaways from the session.
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On Video: Ari Banerjee Discusses Netcracker's Focus on Middle East Market With Telecom Review
November 3, 2023
At GITEX 2023 in Dubai, Ari Banerjee, SVP of Strategy at Netcracker Technology, talked to Telecom Review about supporting digital transformations, Netcracker's strategy for remaining innovative and its focus on the telecom market in the Middle East.
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Telus and du Describe the Challenge of Building Platforms and Changing Telco Culture
October 30, 2023
During DTW23 - Ignite, Telus’ Hesham Fahmy and du’s Jamal Najem joined Netcracker President Sylvain Seignour to share how they are transforming their businesses to compete in the digital-first era.
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On Video: Swisscom Discusses Digital Transformation and Relationship with Netcracker
October 11, 2023
Rudolf Strijkers, Lead Architect Network and Infrastructure IT at Swisscom, discusses the benefits the company has seen from its partnership with Netcracker, as well as its digital transformation progress.
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On Video: Vodafone Oman Discusses Its Digital-First Approach and Relationship with Netcracker
August 31, 2023
Bader Al Zidi, CEO at Vodafone Oman, discusses the company’s approach as a greenfield Digital-First provider, as well as its evolving relationship with Netcracker.
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