Netcracker Digital Platform

Become more agile, innovative and profitable in the digital economy

Netcracker Digital Platform is an open, modular, digital-native solution that stimulates innovation and accelerates agility to drive business growth.


CSPs are making significant transformation investments to deliver exceptional customer experiences from a network that is agile, automated and extremely cost efficient. These evolutions will place CSPs at the center of the consumer digital lifestyle and drive deeper value in enterprise and vertical markets.

Netcracker Digital Platform drives this new business growth by helping CSPs to increase agility so they can adapt quickly to market needs, stimulate innovation internally and with partners, and maximize profitability from their investments in 5G, cloud and edge.

Based on an open, modular and digital-native foundation, Netcracker Digital Platform drives business growth by delivering immersive digital experiences, innovative 5G and IoT business models and intelligent automation. It also accelerates CSPs’ digitalization efforts with leading transformation services.

The platform is cloud-native with open APIs to maximize cloud agility and cost efficiency. The entire solution is available in a SaaS delivery model on any hyperscaler platform and employs the highest levels of security and privacy.

Netcracker Digital Platform

Create New Business Value with Innovative Monetization

Dynamic 5G and digital services require a new granular approach to monetization to charge for any service, partner or business model in real time. Netcracker Digital Platform incorporates a 3GPP-compliant converged charging system (CCS) for real-time charging of any event or attribute and support for in-slice and cross-slice charging. It can also optimize cost effectiveness by managing large data volumes and supporting ultra-low latency services through a distributed charging architecture.

Dynamic partner ecosystems enable CSPs to create profitable value chains and embrace new opportunities in different industry verticals. Netcracker Digital Platform provides a broad range of capabilities to monetize ecosystem business models. CSPs can become B2B2X enablers by supporting:

  • Exposure of capabilities using Open and standardized APIs for maximum ecosystem transparency and integration.
  • Flexible business models (revenue sharing, data sponsorship and tiered pricing).
  • Dynamic settlement with multiple partners involved in the solution delivery.

Innovative Monetization

Maximize Customer Engagement with Immersive Digital Experiences

Customer retention is becoming more difficult as consumers have many more choices available to them. Netcracker Digital Platform provides an immersive experience in both unassisted and assisted customer engagement channels with:

  • Access to a full set of self-service capabilities, including secure onboarding based on electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC).
  • 360-degree customer views for personalized responses in an intuitive interface with guidance to the next best step.
  • ML, natural language processing and image detection for automated engagement.  

Successful loyalty programs engage customers on a more meaningful and personalized level that corresponds to their digital lifestyle. Netcracker Digital Platform applies gamification features to everyday customer interactions to greatly enhance customer loyalty and redefine the role of CSPs in the digital ecosystem.

Immersive Digital Experience

Drive Business Agility with Intelligent Automation

True business agility requires a revolution in the way CSPs manage and operate their network assets and services. Netcracker Digital Platform automates every aspect of the operations environment within and across domains with embedded intelligence for zero-touch and self-management.

Netcracker Digital Platform incorporates a comprehensive 5G offering to make dynamic 5G services and differentiating network slices a reality. A single pane of glass with E2E Service Orchestration automates all cross-domain services and slices from design to deployment, lifecycle management, optimization and assurance.

Netcracker Digital Platform includes a complete and fully integrated automation stack for the Open RAN, MEC, business edge, transport and core domains. Each Domain Orchestration solution autonomously manages the full lifecycle of services, applications and network slices by combining intent-based orchestration and dynamic modeling with real-time OSS and AIOps in a closed loop. CSPs can maintain a unified operations environment as they transition from 4G to 5G or from VNFs to CNFs and accommodate new technologies in a large partner ecosystem.

Drive business agility with autonomous operations

Increase Business Efficiency with Digital Transformation Services

Netcracker Digital Platform incorporates a comprehensive suite of industry expertise, best practices and tools to meet the growing demand for faster digitalization in telecommunications.

Increase Business Efficiency with Digital Transformation Services

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