Cloud Strategy Design

Developing a Successful Cloud Migration Strategy

Netcracker Cloud Strategy Design helps service providers define and adopt the most cost-effective cloud migration process across their organization.


Netcracker Cloud Strategy Design defines the changes in processes, skills and systems during the first step of a cloud transformation program.

The Netcracker team identifies key drivers, impact areas and KPIs for cloud migration and assesses cloud readiness. The team designs the cloud operating model and architecture to address strategic business needs.

Netcracker’s extensive telecom expertise and cloud partner ecosystem help service providers determine their cloud deployment model, cloud environment skillsets, security requirements and implementation roadmap.

Netcracker Cloud Strategy Design offers a wide range of services to accelerate cloud migration:

  • Cloud Value Realization – analyzes program ROI, benefits, costs, customer KPIs and operations KPIs.
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap – assesses the current system environment and designs the cloud architecture and migration roadmap.
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy – prepares the organization for the cloud.

Netcracker Cloud Strategy Design

Cloud Value Realization

Realizing the full potential of a cloud migration program involves defining the goals and outcomes and consistently measuring progress.

Netcracker Cloud Value Realization aligns the cloud migration roadmap with program goals, delivers proven business benefits and provides control over expenditures through the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Netcracker Cloud Migration Roadmap assesses the current and future state of the workforce, processes, systems and infrastructure for the cloud environment and provides the most effective cloud solution definition and implementation roadmap for a successful cloud migration.

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Netcracker Cloud Adoption Strategy generates business and operational impact assessments and defines a roadmap to achieve 100% organizational readiness for cloud migration.

It supports a smooth transition to the cloud and aligns business and operational processes with guidance and best practices from the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE).