Partner Ecosystem Management

Innovate and expand across industry verticals

Netcracker Partner Ecosystem Management facilitates a B2B2X strategy across industries.


Partner management has always been important to CSPs in developing and maintaining relationships within the communications industry, but that concept has been changing over time.

Success in the 5G era requires more advanced partner management to transform CSPs from connectivity providers into service enablers. CSPs must now be able to coordinate across multiple partners to deliver complex 5G services.

Netcracker Partner Ecosystem Management allows CSPs to efficiently manage the growth and transformation of partner ecosystems to meet the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry.

Partner Ecosystem Management


Partner Onboarding and Management

Netcracker’s solution delivers technical, operational and commercial onboarding processes to help CSPs manage relationships with partners from start to finish. Partners can self-onboard into the CSP ecosystem – including validation and approval – while CSPs can create individual pricing and discounting plans and configure promotional campaigns for partners. This includes providing partner contract management to implement a wide range of compensation models, including those based on revenue sharing or outcomes.

Partner management allows CSPs to leverage Open APIs with partners to create joint offerings. It also maximizes transparency by providing reports and insights from across the partner ecosystem.

Partner Onboarding and Management

Multipartner Settlement

Netcracker Partner Ecosystem Management supports the management of billing operations with:

  • Flexible billing configurations.
  • Efficient generation and exchange of usage reports and bills.
  • Automated capture, categorization and processing of disputes.
  • Diverse policy control and charging functionality for different pricing and QoS needs.
  • Various billing options for partner end users with features such as billing-on-behalf-of, real-time processing and personalized, data-driven offers.

Multipartner Settlement

Partner Portal

The Netcracker solution equips partners with the tools to self-manage their relationships with CSPs. The partner portal provides:

  • Intuitive account management.
  • E2E views on invoices, payments and compensation.
  • Dispute management.
  • Bulk order management.
  • Service request management on behalf of end users.
  • Loyalty and rewards programs.
  • Partner surveys.
  • Dashboards and reports to manage partner relationships.

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