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Telco Leaders Discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Digital Transformation – Part Two

For telcos, the days of acquiring and then selling spectrum are almost over, with major growth opportunity shifting to adjacent businesses and the services telcos can sell on top of their core infrastructure.
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Disability: The Untapped Mobile Market Segment
May 26, 2015
A billion people have some sort of disability, yet this market has gone largely untapped by the mobile industry. But with technology bringing options to people with different kinds of impairments, the disabled are on the front line of mobile innovation.
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Real-Time, Network-Driven Intelligence Gives CSPs an Advantage in the Cloud
May 14, 2015
As service providers continue to look for new sources of revenue, a logical place to look is within their own networks as they reach out to enterprise customers with new cloud-based services.
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Design-on-Demand is the Key to Success
April 28, 2015
Virtual Network Functions are changing the way service providers think about network elements, but to keep them from getting lost in the shuffle, they need to become part of asset and resource catalogs and be included in network and service orchestration.
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From PoC to Commercial Service: What it Takes to Operationalize SDN and NFV
April 21, 2015
Overall cost savings and error reduction help make the business case for automation as providers transition from purpose-built networks to a single IP network that has to be managed across both the virtual and physical infrastructure.
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Leveraging the Managed Cloud for New CSP Business Initiatives
February 4, 2014
One operator that wanted to start an M2M line of business and expand its own cloud offerings switched to a fully hosted solution that helped it adapt an MVNO operation to an M2M organization.
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