September 19, 2019

Bringing SD-WAN Services to Market Effectively

3 Key Considerations to Help Navigate the Steps to Commercialization.

Many communications service providers (CSPs) see SD-WAN services as potential part of their enterprise catalog, driven both by a clear business case and a strong market appetite. In fact, SD-WAN is seen as one of the top services for new revenue in the enterprise market. But going from product blueprint to a commercial service offering is no small feat, particularly when adopting SDN/NFV principles in an industry so defined by proprietary hardware and software.

SD-WAN has compelling economical and operational benefits for both operators and business customers. In addition to a new revenue source, there are significant gains in operational efficiencies (powered by centralized control) that will directly impact OPEX. For enterprises, there’s highly flexible and feature-rich connectivity, between sites and the cloud, with self-control and visibility of all their services.

But like any new product launch, the devil is in the detail. This is particularly true for larger CSPs in North America who have often grown via acquisitions and market consolidation, which usually results in intricate processes as well as complex network and technology integrations. CSPs also have regional organization structures that can be very independent from each other, which can create challenges in launching similar services across different regions.

Based on Netcracker’s commercial deployment experiences, Netcracker has put together some key considerations to help Service Providers navigate the steps to SD-WAN commercialization in the fastest and most efficient way. Click here to download our report titled Beyond the SD-WAN Buzz: Go-To-Market Considerations for Digital Service Providers to gain insight into how best to bring these services to market effectively.


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