April 15, 2020

Evolving BSS to Enable a Partner-Driven Digital Marketplace

See how Netcracker combines intuitive functions into a B2B e-commerce platform that can help service providers seize a greater portion of their B2B markets.

For many service providers, growing their share of the B2B market is a strategic priority, with aspirations to expand deeper into the enterprise value chain. Based on reports from multiple global service providers, B2B revenue accounts for an average of 30% of their total revenue today.

To seize a bigger chunk of this market will require a fundamental change in business strategy, one that will force service providers to go beyond selling their own services by augmenting their offerings with those from third parties including cloud services (infrastructure, office, collaboration, back-up/recovery), IoT services (fleet management, healthcare, smart office) and many more.

This will require a significant expansion of the partner ecosystem that will take service providers on a path towards a platform economy. As enterprises continue to move the majority of their applications to cloud platforms, they are looking for partners who can simplify their lives by aggregating the services they need into a digital marketplace.

Developing a partner-driven digital marketplace

A digital marketplace is a powerful e-commerce platform for B2B that can bring all digital services together in one place through an intuitive shopping portal. Enterprise customers can browse a personalized marketplace and trial, purchase, manage and get support for their services with an engaging user experience.

But the digital marketplace has to be a lot more than a shopping portal. According to an Ovum Enterprise Survey in 2019, 50% of service providers said launching digital services was their top business challenge. One of the main problems lies in the complexity of dealing with so many new partners, from onboarding cloud and IoT partner products to licensing, partnership models, product updates and settlements. It requires a new approach to partner ecosystems that most existing service providers’ BSS environments cannot support today.

To minimize these complexities, a digital marketplace needs a powerful, modernized BSS backend to simplify partner relationships and manage partners across the entire lifecycle. A few critical functions include:

  • Zero-touch partner onboarding: Requiring an XaaS gateway and partner portal for seamless integration and automated onboarding of third-party cloud and IoT applications with 360-degree views of service interactions, histories and product information.
  • Partner lifecycle management: Providing full visibility into the entire partner engagement process; allowing both partners and service providers to refine opportunities and activate and optimize services over time.
  • Revenue management: Performing charging and billing for customers and partners; ensuring that partner accountability and settlement can be managed even in complex B2B2X relationships.

Netcracker Digital Marketplace combines intuitive portal and back-end partner and revenue management functions into a powerful B2B e-commerce platform. With a vast ecosystem of onboarded partner products and tools and processes to bring on new partners fast, we are already helping service providers globally achieve their B2B expansion goals. See Netcracker Digital Marketplace in action at Bechtle, one of Europe’s leading IT service providers with over 70,000 customers.



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