June 25, 2021

Netcracker, NEC and NTT DOCOMO Collaborate to Optimize Open RAN Performance

Netcracker’s Non-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller helps CSPs enables innovative 5G use cases.

The evolution to 5G will bring new digital experiences made possible by a broad range of technology innovations, including the 5G core, RAN virtualization and active massive MIMO (mMIMO) antenna systems. This advanced environment and its thousands of base stations will generate vast amounts of data, and that data will require analysis. RAN optimization can consequently no longer be attained with legacy self-organizing network (SON) solutions.

The new approach to RAN optimization must be fully automated and driven by AI/ML to achieve the highest performance with the best user experience. 

Netcracker’s Non-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (Non-RT RIC) helps CSPs accomplish these goals and is aligned with the service management and orchestration framework of ORAN Alliance.

NEC and Netcracker have announced that they will continue to develop RIC solutions in collaboration with DOCOMO, enabling intelligent RAN optimization and resource management to accommodate various 5G use cases. The companies will create an ecosystem to promote innovation and build solutions for social issues through the deployment of diverse 5G Open RAN solutions worldwide. The intelligent solutions of this ecosystem will utilize and integrate the technologies and expertise of each company in networking and AI.

Netcracker’s Non-RT RIC, an integral component of our Open vRAN Domain Orchestration solution, enables new innovative use cases. These new cases include event-based load balancing, RAN parameter consistency control and many other technologies for superior RAN performance and user experience.

Watch our demo video to see how these capabilities are applied to mMIMO antenna systems, balancing capacity and power consumption to improve 5G coverage.


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