October 18, 2021

Operators Accelerate Digital Transformation with Cloud-Native IT, Defined Roadmaps and Trusted Partners

T-Mobile Netherlands and Grupo Gtd discussed the challenges and benefits of moving BSS/OSS to the cloud at Digital Transformation World Series 2021.

Netcracker participated in a panel discussion with T-Mobile Netherlands and Grupo Gtd at DTWS 2021 on accelerating cutting-edge digital transformation with cloud-native BSS/OSS. Both operators have implemented future-proof IT stacks to drive bold expansion, design and execution as they continue to disrupt the market. They shared how adopting a more digital-native agile model has helped them innovate and expand.

T-Mobile Netherlands, an operator with nearly 6 million customers, pursued digital transformation to achieve an ambitious growth plan and a complicated transformation project across three networks, which were obtained through acquisitions. The operator implemented a comprehensive strategy by establishing a razor-sharp view of its IT architecture, 100% agility in its operations and a clear roadmap for cloud adoption with reliable partners. As a result, T-Mobile Netherlands has been able to migrate 1.2 million mobile customers seamlessly across IT stacks without disrupting the customer experience or changing its business and IT models.

When asked about this success, Kim Larsen, CTIO of T-Mobile Netherlands, stressed the importance of creating a digital roadmap and collaborating with reliable partners.

"What we look for in our IT partners is that they first have a clear roadmap,” he said. “They know what they are talking about and really are a development partner in our everyday operating life. We want to see that as we implement new releases that they are stable. If there is something going wrong, we can take action very quickly. That has always been the case with Netcracker. That gives us a lot of confidence that if something doesn’t go right, it will immediately be addressed and immediately solved."

Grupo Gtd has expanded from its home base in Chile across several Latin American countries and Europe as a provider of fiber connectivity to B2B customers. However, the CSP is not stopping there; it has set an ambitious strategic goal to double the value of the company by 2025 as its increases its IT capabilities. Grupo Gtd is completely replacing its BSS/OSS as part of a digital transformation program to expand into products and services for IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML and cybersecurity.

Daniel Ziguilinsky, CIO of Grupo Gtd, explained how the operator selected its full-stack solution: "We needed software that would scale with us without needing further investments and that would only require minor tweaks to allow us to adapt to different segments and markets. We have IT, and we have security, so not everything we do is for telecoms even though we are a telecom company by nature.”

The CIO also discussed the importance that collaboration played in implementing the full-stack solution for its international expansion.

“Finally, the company that we selected was Netcracker. They helped us achieve these practices and also respected cultural differences, which we have a lot of because we operate in many different countries with different groups and different markets. Even though we are not a huge company, we have a great variety of customers that need to be served with the highest standards, and Netcracker software allows us to do that.”

Click here to learn more about the cloud capabilities of Netcracker’s Digital BSS/OSS portfolio.


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