August 2, 2022

Telco Republic’s Inaugural Report Places BSS/OSS Vendors under the Spotlight

Netcracker named a disruptor in assessment of leading vendors based on product innovation, strategy and technology leadership.

Operations and business support systems are undergoing a radical transformation to meet new telco needs. Legacy BSS/OSS systems that are monolithic, siloed and require heavy customization are being replaced with modular, cloud-native IT systems that operate in real-time, leverage AI, and, for the most part, are available out of the box.

But it’s not just about modernizing BSS/OSS for cloud. Many new capabilities are needed to support the dynamic needs of 5G networks, mission-critical edge services and a broader ecosystem of partners including:

  • Automation: within and across CSP domains from the service to the infrastructure or device
  • Partner-centric business models: enabling complex B2B2X arrangements
  • Innovative ways to monetize 5G: essential to recoup investments
  • SaaS delivery model: changing to a more OPEX centric business model

Disrupting the Market
Telco Republic put players in the BSS/OSS ecosystem under the spotlight with its inaugural report, Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems. Telco Republic assessed eight leading vendors on their product innovation, positioning and sales strategy as well as their ability to execute including CSP impact, cloud delivery models and openness. Their goal is to provide guidance to CSPs on how to navigate this emerging market, and how to make the best technology buying decisions.

Netcracker’s Digital BSS/OSS was positioned as a leading disruptor based on:

  • Flexibility of orchestration to cover each network domain and cross-domain from 5G core to edge
  • Maturity of cloud offerings based on commercial deployments with all hyperscalers, including SaaS delivery models
  • Strong services offerings focused on business outcomes and helping CSPs to become innovators.

Download the report here.


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