May 29, 2018

Collaboration Keeps a Digital Marketplace Relevant

The benefits of sustaining a partner management strategy after the implementation of a digital marketplace are far-reaching.

Service providers know the importance of implementing a digital marketplace. But implementation is only half of the equation. Maintaining the digital marketplace is just as critical. There needs to be a strong process in place for managing the services, identifying issues and making strategic enhancements. That’s where a partner management strategy comes in. 

Some of the benefits of leveraging a partner to maintain a digital marketplace include:

Longevity of the Digital Marketplace – Continuous innovation between partners and stakeholders ensures that the digital marketplace’s ecosystem is relevant and up to date.

Identification of Service Roadblocks – By working together beyond the creation of the digital marketplace, partners are able to manage services and fix problems that may arise.

Evaluation of VNFs – Stakeholders can leverage their collaboration with partners to determine which virtual network functions (VNFs) offer the best return and which are tailored for specific markets.

Measurement of Revenue – Maintaining collaboration after the implementation enables partners to receive feedback on their services and measure estimated revenue and return on investment.

Netcracker’s in managing complex, partner-driven digital marketplaces and ensuring their success. To learn more about Netcracker, or to find out if we would be the right partner for you, visit us online. For additional information on stakeholder collaboration or the other methods that can be used to create a successful digital marketplace, check out our e-book.


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