October 29, 2019

SD-WAN Innovation Is Key to Enterprise Adoption

Netcracker plays a critical role in SD-WAN service delivery using a standards-based approach and alignment to MEF’s LSO framework.

SD-WAN is already bringing a new level of service innovation to the industry, helping enterprises to reap the benefits of lower cost connectivity while maximizing the potential for automation across the service delivery lifecycle. With a digital interface that provides ease of access to services, the business customer is newly empowered to maximize the level of control over their own services, including full visibility and assurance, along with ease of service maintenance. However, creating a fully functioning solution requires cross-industry expertise, where technology suppliers can come together, leverage a common industry framework, innovate as a group and build a solution stack.

At MEF19 in Los Angeles, CA, Netcracker is participating in a Proof of Concept (PoC), “Orchestrated Virtualized Multivendor SD-WAN Services,” which demonstrates the next innovation in SD-WAN. The goal of this PoC, part of the Sixth Annual MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Showcase, is to accelerate adoption of orchestrated and assured multivendor SD-WAN and value-added services using automated operations and a new digital user experience.

Powered by a unified marketplace, self-service portal and NFV-based uCPE platform, MEF 70 compliant SD-WAN services from different vendors can be selected independently of the CPE hardware and seamlessly deployed with little to no intervention from the service provider or end user. SD-WAN services are orchestrated, activated, assured and managed using zero touch provisioning (ZTP) and end-to-end service automation in alignment with MEF’s LSO framework.

The PoC highlights how even in a multivendor environment, service management and delivery can be simplified using integration to common APIs and service definitions. It differentiates itself in the crowded SD-WAN market by showing the end-to-end fulfillment process from customer order through fully automated zero touch provisioning deployment.

Complexity can be the downfall of any service offering, so ensuring operation of multivendor service chains that comprise different SD-WAN and value-added service application vendors is critical for the success of the service.

More details are available in this new whitepaper, “Orchestrated Virtualized Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Service – A MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept,” which provides an overview of the architecture and responsibilities of each component throughout the service delivery process flow.


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