Schurz Communications Deploys Netcracker Platform to Standardize Billing and Rating Operations Across Properties

Schurz Communications has agreed to expand its relationship with Netcracker by establishing a standardized business process across all of its properties through a single solution.

Netcracker Technology announced today that Schurz Communications has agreed to expand its relationship with Netcracker by establishing a standardized business process across all of its properties through a single Netcracker Billing and Revenue Management solution.

Schurz Communications is a full-service communications provider based out of Indiana, offering cable services across Arizona, Florida, Indiana and Maryland. Schurz owns 11 television stations as well as 12 radio stations and publishes 11 daily and 8 weekly newspapers across the United States.

By consolidating its multiple properties onto a single instance of the Netcracker Billing and Revenue Management solution, Schurz Communications will be able to standardize business practices and experiences across locations. This uniformity will reduce average handle time for agents, introduce offerings and improve overall customer experience.

“Standardizing our revenue management operations on a single Netcracker platform will allow us to streamline operations and establish more consistent levels of customer experience across all of our properties,” said Brian Lynch, Vice President at Schurz Communications. “We are pleased to be supported by Netcracker during this transformation and look forward to experiencing the benefits of using its comprehensive Billing and Revenue Management solution.”

The Netcracker solution will enable Schurz Communications to reduce the number of machines and platforms needed to manage experience, billing, rating and charging operations, which will lower costs of ownership and increase return on investment. The platform will increase business agility, allowing the operator to introduce new services and solutions faster and more efficiently.

Netcracker is delivering several professional services as part of the consolidation, including integration support. Netcracker is also migrating data from the existing billing systems onto the new converged platform to ensure a seamless transformation.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Schurz Communications and help it standardize its billing processes across several properties, which will introduce new opportunities to improve operational performance,” said Sylvain Seignour, Vice President of Global Sales at Netcracker. “With reduced total cost of ownership and a more consistent billing and customer experience, we are confident that cable operators of all sizes can gain a crucial competitive advantage.”

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