NEC/Netcracker at NFV World Congress 2017

Visit booth #36 and #37 to discover best practices for operationalizing and monetizing multivendor virtualized services.

As the Diamond Sponsor for NFV World Congress 2017, NEC/Netcracker will be located in booths #36 and #37, host a workshop prior to the event, lead three speaking slots and participate in three panels.


Tuesday, May 2

  • 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Virtualization: Transforming Revenue Models, Partnerships and End-to-End Operations
  • Our workshop will provide a practical, step-by-step guide on what we believe is the near-term approach to enabling end-to-end operations and partner management. We will also be joined by Evan Frith, Director of Products and Services at TELUS, a leading North American service provider, who will discuss the importance of leveraging virtualized technologies to optimize new product introduction timelines at reduced costs, bringing about new room for growth in an increasingly competitive market.

    Agenda at a Glance:

    • Ecosystem 2.0: Transforming Partnerships to Enable New Revenue and Service Innovation
    • TELUS Keynote: Leveraging Virtualization to Maximize Revenue
    • What Goes Into Operationalizing SDN/NFV at Scale?

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Speaking Slots

Wednesday, May 3

  • 11:50 AM* (Keynote)
  • Keynote: Is Your Business Ready for the Next Phase of SDN/NFV?
    • Bipin Mistry, Vice President of Product Management, Netcracker

    As SDN/NFV deployments continue to emerge, discussions are focusing less on pure technology readiness to whether or not the business is ready. Service providers need to deal with a new business paradigm that solves organizational issues, manages the transition from physical to virtual environments and engages in new partnership models. In this session, we will discuss what is restricting large-scale SDN/NFV adoption and best practices for overcoming the next set of hurdles.

  • 2:45 PM* (Operations Forum)
  • How to Operationalize SDN/NFV Services at Scale
    • Mark Stadtmueller, Business Solution Executive, Netcracker  

    Even though there are a growing number of commercial virtualized services, very few run in parallel with an operations environment that helps service provider lower costs and increase agility. In this session, we will discuss the new operations environments and business processes that are needed to scale virtualized services and take SDN/NFV mainstream.

Thursday, May 4

  • 2:20 PM* (SD-WAN & Business Forum)
  • Building a Marketplace of Commercially Ready Services
    • Sue White, Senior Director of SDN/NFV Marketing, Netcracker 

    There is a lot of buzz around how SDN/NFV can help generate revenue with new value-added services. But what steps must be taken for that to really happen within a timeframe that meets the rapidly changing needs of the business? In this session, we will discuss the steps from onboarding a VNF to creating a catalog-driven marketplace of commercially ready services, as well as new partnership engagement models that make this happen.


Wednesday, May 3

  • 5:20 PM* (Operations Forum)
  • Automating the Network
    • Bipin Mistry, Vice President of Product Management, Netcracker

    This panel will debate the restructuring of OSS in order to take full advantage of new SDN/NFV and MANO infrastructure. Topics include: 

    • How will closed loop automation be introduced?
    • How will real-time and on-demand services be assured?
    • What are the biggest issues to solve across hybrid multi-domain networks?
  • 5:20 PM* (SD-WAN & Business Forum)
  • Transforming Enterprise Services
    • Mark Stadtmueller, Business Solution Executive, Netcracker  

    This panel will debate the re-invention of carrier services to fully leverage new SDN/NFV capabilities. Topics include:

    • What does SDN-WAN offer customers and what composition/bundling is required with other WAN services?
    • How can today's security paradigm be improved?
    • What is the path to mass deployment of virtual or universal CPE?

Thursday, May 4

  • 4:55 PM* (Operations Forum)
  • Integrating NFV with OSS
    • Mark Stadtmueller, Business Solution Executive, Netcracker

    This panel will debate the deployment of new NFV orchestration. Topics include: 

    • Will implementations be proprietary, multivendor, open-sourced, self-integrated or even self-built?
    • Where is the dividing line between MANO and OSS?
    • How will service billing and product licensing be handled?

*Times are subject to change based on Layer123's agenda.

We look forward to seeing you in San Jose!


May 2-5, 2017


San Jose, California

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