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Netcracker AI & Data Analytics transforms data into a strategic asset for superior decision making and greater productivity.

Unlock the Value of Telecom Data and Knowledge

Communications service providers (CSPs) recognize the power of a data-driven culture to compete and prosper in the fast-paced digital era. With rapid advancements in AI, automation and cloud technologies, the focus is now on how to harness extensive telecom data to make better decisions, deliver superior experiences and improve productivity across all areas of the telecom business. 

Making the right data-driven decisions means having the right data available in the right format for distinct business-led use cases. Due to the incompatibility of data models, complex transformation pipelines and a lack of ready-to-use analytics solutions that deliver measurable business value, this is a significant challenge today.

Netcracker AI & Data Analytics solutions overcome these issues with a data-driven approach across the entire portfolio. Our solutions are purpose-built for CSPs to unlock the true value of telco data and knowledge. With a cloud-native foundation, our solutions combine a data analytics platform with AI/ML and generative AI for telcos to create powerful business-focused use cases across all telecom domains.

Netcracker innovations in AI and data analytics are empowering CSPs worldwide to transform their data into intelligence to reimagine the telecom business.

Netcracker AI & Data Analytics

Netcracker Data Analytics Platform extracts data from many different sources, including structured and unstructured data from Netcracker Digital BSS/OSS, third-party IT systems and external sources, and transforms it into the right data format that is easy to use in all business domains.

Netcracker’s innovation in AI/ML creates powerful value-driven use cases, including prediction, optimization, forecasting and anomaly detection, to make faster and better decisions. At its core is a holistic MLOps environment to orchestrate and automate an end-to-end model lifecycle from experimentation to production. By implementing MLOps, we help CSPs to quickly incorporate analytics into their IT infrastructure, improve model performance and reduce costs by automating the model lifecycle.

Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution enables CSPs to get value from this revolutionary technology across all areas of the business. It enriches generative AI models with telco data and knowledge to create compelling use cases across the business.

Ready-made Use Cases Focused on the Telco Business

Through collaboration with our customers, Netcracker has created a set of value-driven solutions that address specific business needs in a holistic manner. Solutions are created with our ready-to-use data marts, dashboards, reporting and automation tools for all areas of the telco business from marketing and sales, to service and care, product management and revenue management, service operations and assurance and network management.

By breaking down data silos, users can more easily access aggregated intelligence specific to their needs, resulting in greater efficiency, enhanced customer experience and new growth opportunities.

Ready-made use cases focused on the telco business

Business-friendly Insights for Faster Value Creation

A major challenge for many telcos is the inability of business and technical users to access data in a simplified and meaningful way.

At the core of Netcracker Data Analytics Platform is our advanced Data Analytics Model that creates a semantic layer, abstracting the complexity of underlying data and providing a familiar business representation of the relevant data for each telecom domain. It transforms data into usable data marts for analytics use cases in a form that is easy for business entities to use.

The no-code self-service analytics (with reporting and dashboarding) gives these users the power to explore data specific to their needs and create meaningful insights based on analytics-oriented data marts. With pre-configured visualizations and KPIs, CSPs can simplify data adaptation, leverage telecom best practices and reveal data insights.

Business-friendly insights for faster value creation

Enriching Generative AI to Create Exceptional Telecom Value

Generative AI is a revolutionary technology that can transform all areas of the telecom business with human-like interactions and real-time content generation. However, generative AI needs telecom proprietary data that resides in IT systems to be truly effective.

Netcracker GenAI Telco Solution works with all popular GenAI models and enriches them with telco data and instructions, providing a layer of intelligence, security and control. It provides pre-fabricated solutions for all areas of the telco business including customer care, sales and marketing, business operations and network operations, and leverages the extensive data in BSS/OSS, data analytics and knowledge base systems.

Enriching generative AI to create exceptional telecom value

E2E Observability With AIOps to Ensure the Highest Service Quality

Netcracker hyperautomates IT environments to achieve a comprehensive view of system performance and zero-touch operations. The observability provides a clear, real-time view of the performance of distributed systems and connects system performance metrics with business performance metrics. Based on this data, Netcracker AIOps detects and alerts anomalies, assesses their impact on interconnected systems and automates the implementation of recommended actions to address issues and prevent potential failures.

E2E observability with AIOps to ensure the highest service quality

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