Advanced Analytics

Drive business growth with AI-enabled capabilities for customer and network management.

Leverage advanced technologies to acquire and analyze data from a variety of sources and optimize decisions.


Netcracker's Advanced Analytics platform is based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These AI technologies enable capabilities such as face and speech recognition, predictive analysis and proactive recommendation. Our platform provides a library of scenarios addressing your specific business challenges and a broad set of professional services including, consulting, integration and managed services.

In recent years, analytics disciplines have matured thanks to ongoing advancements in cloud computing and open-source software. But even now, more than five years after big data was introduced, many service providers continue to struggle to generate value from analytics technologies. It's not uncommon for analytics solutions to work in isolation due to limited information aggregation and data visualization capabilities. Now that the communications industry is more digitalized and diversified, advanced analytics can pay dividends across IoT, network assurance, security, partner and customer management and other key business functions.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Drive revenue growth by maximizing customer lifetime value through personalized offers.
  • Improve customer experience by providing personalized, proactive customer engagement driven through customer insight and real-time analytics.
  • Improve the customer usage experience by optimizing network performance driven by closed-loop analytics and real-time assurance.
  • Solve multiple business challenges with a suite of diversified solutions.

Advanced Analytics comprises the following modules:

Analytics Modules

Access ready-to-go business scenarios to improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage cutting-edge technologies to work with any type of data and address a variety of business problems.

Netcracker 12 Advanced Analytics
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