January 25, 2022

CSPs Look to the Cloud for New Revenue Streams

Cloud-native BSS/OSS maximizes monetization in dynamic networks.

The demand from end users to consume services whenever and wherever they want is driving the need for dynamic networks. However, CSPs must be able to extract real value from potential investments before transforming their networks to meet these new market demands. Cloud-native BSS/OSS can open new avenues of monetization in increasingly mobile and dynamic networks by powering flexible charging, partner ecosystems, ecosystem management and diverse service deployment.

Flexible Charging
CSPs must be able to implement real-time convergent charging for location-based services, dynamic service quality, application type and any other parameter as needed.

The flexibility of cloud-native BSS/OSS enables CSPs to use everything from network slices to fixed private 5G networks to charge for existing and evolving services. Without flexible charging, CSPs will be unable to rapidly implement new business models to adapt to the shifting needs of dynamic networks.

Partner Ecosystems
CSPs have greater E2E capabilities than ever before, but they still cannot do everything alone. They require a comprehensive ecosystem of partners working together seamlessly to support flexible networks. As a result, creating the right ecosystem and subscription system is crucial to effectively monetizing infrastructure investments.

Cloud-native BSS/OSS supports greater interoperability to deliver service offerings across private, cloud or hybrid infrastructure for a robust partner marketplace and greater competitiveness.

Ecosystem Management
The effectiveness of a partner ecosystem depends on how well it is managed. If you cannot onboard partners effectively, you will severely limit the services that your ecosystem can offer and will be unable to effectively capitalize on partner contributions.

BSS with cloud capabilities streamlines management of complex B2B2X relationships hierarchies by providing a centralized management platform for the entire partner lifecycle. Operators and enterprises can bring partner-related services into their broader service portfolio and efficiently deliver them to the customer.

Diverse Service Deployment
The extensive hybrid infrastructure of a dynamic network requires comprehensive security to protect sensitive information and powerful automation to manage the immense volume of data and complexity of multipartner ecosystems. CSPs can use cloud-native BSS/OSS to meet these evolving needs with new services, opening more avenues for monetization as dynamic networks grow.

Watch Bob Titus, Netcracker CTO, discuss powering 5G with cloud-native BSS/OSS in a panel at Layer123 World Congress 2021:


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