February 22, 2022

Delivering the Digital Future with Agility and Innovation

As CSPs deploy 5G, cloud and other technologies, they will need a digital-native BSS/OSS foundation to create new business value, support growth across their organization and deliver innovative monetization scenarios.

CSPs around the world are making progress with digital transformations across their businesses. With significant investments in 5G and other areas like FTTX and the cloud, service providers are now looking for ways to capture new growth opportunities.

Business growth can come from exploring new methods of 5G monetization to create more engaging customer experiences and deeper expansion into B2B and vertical markets. However, that growth is only possible with an open, agile, cost-effective and highly secure network that supports a broad partner ecosystem.

Netcracker Digital Platform
Netcracker Digital Platform is a new open, modular, digital-native solution that simultaneously drives growth and accelerates agility and cost efficiency. The solution can be delivered entirely in a SaaS model, a unique value proposition in the industry that gives CSPs more flexibility in their deployments. Other differentiating factors of Netcracker Digital Platform include giving CSPs the capability for independent development or joint development of services with Netcracker and partners; advanced intent-based automation; a hyper-personalized engagement model; Open RAN automation and optimization; E2E 5G monetization; cloud transformation expertise; and an industry-leading security framework.

Here are the four key pillars of Netcracker Digital Platform that help CSPs create this new business value through growth and agility.

Immersive Experience
While CSPs have been putting increasing emphasis on customer experience and loyalty, truly differentiated engagement models are not yet widespread. Netcracker Digital Platform provides the foundation to create immersive digital experiences through digital-first customer engagements across channels; gamification and loyalty management; anywhere intelligent workplaces; and hyper-personalized, real-time recommendations.

Innovative Monetization
CSPs need new ways to monetize their network and partnerships with differentiated digital services and network slices. To do this, Netcracker Digital Platform supports a 3GPP-compliant convergent charging engine; slice-as-a-service monetization; multipartner B2B2X settlement; and revenue management as a service.

Intelligent Automation
Netcracker Digital Platform lets CSPs go beyond process automation to a new level of intelligent automation with self-learning, reasoning and adaptation of control loops to enable self-management and zero-touch. Key capabilities of intelligent automation include E2E 5G operations automation; fully autonomous domains (Open RAN, MEC, transport and core); intent-driven, cross-domain orchestration; and AIOps for self-learning and zero-touch.

Digital Transformation Services
Netcracker Digital Platform accelerates CSP digitalization efforts with upskilling for Agile, DevOps, multicloud and SaaS; joint and customer-led development for self-sufficiency; secure, AI-driven digital operations; and rapid solution onboarding and scaling.

A Platform for the Future
With Netcracker Digital Platform, CSPs can increase business growth by creating new value from 5G and edge experiences, become more central to their customers’ digital lifestyle and increase relevancy in enterprise and vertical markets. In today’s increasingly competitive market, these advantages will help service providers stand out from the crowd and set them up for a successful future.

Click here to learn more about Netcracker Digital Platform. 


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