January 5, 2022

Extensive Transformation Generates 5G Innovation

Operators must redefine their deployment, business, workforce and IT strategies to maximize the benefits of 5G.

The telecom business environment and competitive landscape are in the midst of a rapid evolution. Operators are being forced to compete with both each other and new innovative disruptors to obtain value-added service revenues, provide 5G integration services and capitalize on other 5G opportunities. However, there are several available options to guarantee their future competitiveness in this rapidly evolving market.  

Greater 5G Deployment
Operators must accelerate the pace and scale of 5G deployment. Despite the widespread industry recognition of the importance of its capabilities, the vast majority of mobile customers today still do not have access to 5G services. Speeding up 5G deployment with targeted network planning and precise investments in high-value areas to attract new users will be mission-critical.

B2B and B2B2X Strategies
B2B and B2B2X strategies will be essential for achieving greater profitability and providing enterprises with services beyond connectivity. To be effective, these strategies must include:

  • Scalable processes.
  • Customer and partner collaboration.
  • Shared learning across organizations.
  • Precise targeting and understanding of industry verticals and their strategic priorities.
  • Well-equipped sales teams to address the business challenges of enterprise customers.

Workforce Upskilling
Sales in the enterprise segment, especially for 5G services, will require a more consultative approach to address pain points. Operators must be able to develop a team of experts to provide system integration services for the existing environment with the right tools and applications. Building consulting and system integration expertise either in house or through partnerships will be essential to maintaining growth.

IT Transformation
The last and most important step is the transformation of existing IT systems to support automation and value-driven pricing flexibility. IT systems must evolve by automating the design, creation and delivery of their E2E network services while guaranteeing quality and optimizing decision-making. The most successful operators will provide innovative pricing models to support the unique needs and preferences of both enterprise customers and the consumer segment.

Watch Ari Banerjee, Netcracker SVP of Strategy, discuss accelerating 5G innovation at TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World Series 2021:


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