March 31, 2020

Putting Automation at the Heart of Future Services Delivery Outcomes

Ari Banerjee highlights the impact of automation on speed to market and desired business outcomes at Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica

As the telecommunications industry moves towards its next iteration of services, successful delivery cannot happen if too many disparate manual tasks are required to fulfill and manage services throughout their lifecycle. Unsurprisingly, putting automation at the heart of any digital transformation is one of the main start points for virtually every operator.

In a recent video interview with Light Reading, Ari Banerjee, Vice President of Strategy, commented that automation has become a fundamental driver for transformation as operators move into virtual services and embrace the cloud as both a delivery and service mechanism. 

Several of Netcracker’s customers–including Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Telefónica–are now reaping the benefits of greater automation as part of their new technology stacks. For DT, the company is automating their entire transport domain with Netcracker Domain Orchestration as they look at their future service portfolio, as complex, multi-level services cannot be delivered effectively without it. Telefónica has followed similar principles, as well, with speed to market in highly competitive industries being of paramount importance.

Click here to listen to Ari Banerjee’s interview with Light Reading, where he highlights Netcracker’s roles in driving automation at DT, facilitated service delivery at Telefónica Mexico with Netcracker Business Cloud, and how we helped Telefónica Business Solutions launch new services in a matter of weeks thanks to the implementation of solutions that provide full scale automation up and down the OSS/BSS stack. 


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