February 19, 2021

Redefining Edge Cloud Services for Vertical Industries

MEF Proof of Concept accelerates the adoption of edge cloud services.

Enterprises and industry verticals are increasingly relying on the cloud but are encountering difficulties in using it for storing sensitive data, processing vast volumes of data and supporting real-time applications. Edge computing solves these problems by moving compute and processing to locations closer to the client for low-latency services, high-throughput apps and high-density IoT connections. However, edge cloud services can still be unappealing to enterprises. They not only require a wide range of complex technologies, including edge cloud platforms, applications and connectivity solutions, but also create expensive ongoing costs for management, security and IT support.

Orchestrated Multi-Edge Clouds
Netcracker has joined with NTT Communications, Microsoft, Juniper and ADVA on a MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept (PoC), “Orchestrated Multi-Edge Clouds,” which aims to greatly simplify enterprise adoption of edge cloud services by moving the responsibility to manage multi-vendor contracts, multiple cloud platforms and complex system integration to CSPs.

Enterprises can purchase on-demand applications with E2E connectivity from a CSP’s marketplace enabled by the Netcracker Digital Marketplace Solution. These bundled services are automatically designed, provisioned and deployed in the right edge or central location using Netcracker’s Service Orchestration and Edge Orchestration. Enterprises will be able to accelerate innovation and seize the competitive advantage with the greater speed, simplicity and power of edge cloud services.


Click here to read more about our PoC and to register to attend the MEF 3.0 PoC (131) Orchestrating Multi-Edge Cloud Services showcase on Feb. 23.


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