May 25, 2021

Streamlining and Simplifying IT Transformation for T-Mobile Netherlands

Dutch operator maximizes potential with the power of Netcracker Digital BSS.

Constant evolution is the key to success in the modern communications market. CSPs must continually advance their own agility, innovation and flexibility to meet the diverse demands of customers and monetize new services quickly. However, expanding capabilities to spur business growth can quickly create a complicated IT landscape, disrupting customer experience and slowing CSPs to a crawl in the race toward the future.

T-Mobile Netherlands, one of the largest providers of mobile network services in the Netherlands, has first-hand experience with the challenges involved in growing a business. Over the last three years, the operator has been integrating customers from mergers with Tele2 and other brands, launching a nationwide 5G initiative and implementing a massive IT transformation. Undertaking so many ambitious and enormous projects required a lean IT infrastructure to simplify complex business requirements and enhance efficiency, quality and customer experience. 

Digital BSS Leads to Transformation Potential
T-Mobile Netherlands utilized Netcracker Digital BSS to help meet its transformation needs and provide superior innovation and customer experience. Netcracker Digital BSS automates business processes to support the entire customer lifecycle from discovery, shopping, ordering and billing to payment and maintenance. It transforms convoluted legacy environments into unified, 5G-ready and cloud-native digital ecosystems.

T-Mobile Netherlands deployed Netcracker Digital BSS across multiple clouds with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for simpler operations, increased transparency and expanded service flexibility to accelerate their transformation journey. Netcracker Agile and DevOps methodologies also helped simplify the complexity of business requirements and foster growth by streamlining and accelerating the delivery of innovation.

The collaboration between the CSP and Netcracker achieved a multi-brand and state-of-the-art IT architecture to accommodate the tremendous growth of T-Mobile Netherlands while providing a superior experience with omnichannel customer journeys.

Learn more about T-Mobile Netherlands’ extensive IT transformation program in the April 2021 issue of Digital Innovation.  


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