September 4, 2019

5G Orchestration: The Missing Brick that Ensures Maximum Service Profitability

Complex OSS challenges must be addressed to ensure 5G monetization.

With operators starting to launch 5G, it has become clear that enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) coupled with a 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) architecture is the quick win. A recent LinkedIn article published by Karim Rabie, NFV/SDN Business Solutions Executive for Netcracker, states that the comfort zone for CSP marketing teams is mapping the technology to what is already well understood, which is high-speed Internet and attractive data packages. Furthermore, most of the Ultra Reliable & Low Latency communications (uRLLC) use cases are still in the proof of concept phase, and the readiness of the network is still unverified.

On the ground, the adaptation for 5G NSA, where 4G/LTE acts as an anchor, requires relatively minimal changes on the network side. CSPs found that 5G NSA would advocate marketing leadership and provide more attractive data packages although it doesn't bring the full 5G flavor.

As service providers take their next steps towards a full-fledged 5G architecture, wider use cases must have a monetization framework, but it is the management and orchestration that creates the more significant challenge. Now, as the concept of Network Slice as a Service (NSaaS) has started to gain traction, where slices can be leased to MVNOs and enterprises with special QoS requirements and service guarantees, service providers will need new management and orchestration characteristics.

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