February 20, 2018

Becoming More Customer-Centric With Netcracker 12

Explore what goes into enabling the dynamic, personalized experience that today’s consumers are looking for.

The Netcracker 12 platform enables service providers to keep their customers happy amidst growing competition in the digital economy. An in-depth report by 451 Research discusses how Netcracker 12's Digital Customer Enablement layer uses advanced analytics to help service providers deliver more personalized experiences, which will help to retain customer loyalty.

Netcracker’s Digital Customer Enablement layer is designed for service providers looking to become more customer-centric. Its analytics-driven properties help service providers discover trends in customer behavior, enabling valuable insight into how customers interact with their services. Service providers can leverage this data in a number of ways to improve customer journeys, such as creating targeted offers based on each customer’s unique preferences.

The explosion of over-the-top content from companies like Google and Netflix has redefined expectations around customer experience, and traditional service providers need to respond. If service providers don't start providing highly personalized journeys, their customers will likely take their business to a provider who can.

For details about how Netcracker's approach to digital customer engagement, check out the full 451 Research Report.


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