November 30, 2017

Leveraging Microservices to Support Hybrid Networks

Stratecast's white paper discusses the importance of microservices in helping service providers transform as they start adopting cloud and virtualized technologies.

Service providers are starting to leverage microservices to enable a smooth, incremental transition to cloud-based infrastructure without disrupting existing business and operations. In the white paper "Enabling and Supporting Hybrid Network Services," Stratecast highlights how a microservices-based approach can help service providers transform legacy BSS/OSS and support virtualized infrastructure while minimizing the risk associated with network transformation.

The white paper highlights various challenges service providers face while trying to support hybrid networks. For example, service providers can find themselves paying for costly, unsuccessful programs if they try to replace legacy systems too quickly. This approach can lead to disruptions and gaps in the network.

To overcome these obstacles, Netcracker and Stratecast highlight the benefits of leveraging microservices, which enable service providers to optimize existing BSS/OSS through continuous functionality upgrades, while also supporting the on-demand nature of virtualized network elements.

Microservices deliver these benefits by giving service providers enhanced augmentation capabilities that typical legacy systems cannot offer. This approach, unlike that of traditional, monolithic architecture, provides scalable and flexible management capabilities for service providers. In monolithic architecture, where service change cycles are usually tied to one another, modifying a service could require an overhaul of the entire architecture. On the other hand, microservices are developed and deployed as smaller, independent services that can be altered individually without negatively impacting other services.

Read the full white paper to find out more about how microservices can help service providers support legacy and next-gen elements of hybrid networks.


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