Deploying SDN/NFV Technologies at Scale

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)  have enabled new and innovative operating models that impact virtually every business.

Network virtualization, software-defined environments and cloud-based technologies enable service providers to transform their infrastructure and fundamentally shift the way they do business.


The dilemma facing network operators is that their legacy is binding their business while their future is trapped in the lab. The shift to next-generation networks that are both software-defined and virtualized is more than just a technology shift. It’s a shift in how the business behaves, the ecosystems that surround it and the agility with which it operates.

But how do you get at this value? It starts with a plan. Moving the business forward isn’t a sprint; it’s a march. Each step must be a pragmatic move forward – from establishing the business case, to planning migration stages and developing an operating model that accounts for many vendor technologies in a hybrid environment.

To execute the plan, you need a partner that can bring everything together in one place. And you need operational systems that can keep pace with the creativity of the business, and deliver on innovative services within small windows of opportunity. 

The NEC/Netcracker solution combines the leading edge of standards-based infrastructure, applications and services together with a pragmatic operational plan that focuses on near-term opportunities without losing sight of the long-term vision, while helping you effectively manage through that transition.

Features & Benefits

NEC/Netcracker provide end-to-end solutions for bringing SDN/NFV into your business:
  • Omni-channel  and Self-service capabilities that allow B2B and B2C customers and partners to order, configure and customize products and services on-demand; reducing time-to-market lowering support costs and improving the customer’s experience
  • End-to-end service lifecycle orchestration for complex hybrid services allowing customers to order and configure both virtualized services and traditional services that combine connectivity, network services, and IT applications.
  • Support for the Design, Build, and Management of hybrid networks across heterogeneous environments including traditional networks, SDN/NFV enabled networks and Private/Public Cloud data center infrastructure.
  • Iterative development process that combines agile and traditional development methodologies to match and optimize the customer capabilities with goal to reduce time-to-market and ensure quality of the service delivered.
  • Adherence to Industry Standards: NEC/NetCracker is actively participating in key SDN/NFV standard bodies and continuously adapts our solutions in accordance with the latest standards. 

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