April 10, 2018

Why is Customer Experience the Driving Force Behind Digital Transformation?

In a brief report, 451 Research explores how harnessing the true power of data enables service providers to deliver on customers’ digital expectations.

Customer experience is the talk of the town, especially as business and residential customers become increasingly connected to their devices, expecting more and more interactions to take place over digital channels. And while many service providers are embracing digital transformation programs to optimize their relationships with customers by bringing new services to market quickly, one of the real reasons why digitalization is so important for improving customer experience is because of the new opportunities it presents to leverage data.

A brief report by 451 Research titled “Customer Experience: A Catalyst for Digital Transformation” touches on this concept, noting that the only way to deliver truly personalized experiences and tailored customer journeys is by harnessing information. But how can they gather and use information in order to power these enhancements? By leveraging innovative technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and analytics enabled through digital transformation.

The report notes that the ability to turn data into meaningful and useable information will be one of the characteristics that sets apart successful service providers from those that will struggle as the world digitalizes.

In the report, 451 Research notes that our Netcracker 12 suite enables service providers to successfully undergo digital transformation by bringing together a range of next-gen capabilities, including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, customer journey management and more.

For more of 451 Research’s take, read the whole report here.


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