Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker Partner to Advance SDN for Service Providers

Offerings Combine Packet Design's WAN-SDN Analytics with Netcracker's BSS/OSS and Service Orchestration Solutions.

Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker have partnered to help service providers implement software-defined networking (SDN) applications to improve service quality, add new revenue streams and reduce costs.

The growing list of use cases range from rapid services activation to automated path restoration to running networks hotter. Packet Design's real-time analytics combined with NEC/Netcracker's Transport SDN solution, including Transport SDN Controller and Service Orchestration solutions, can make these requests a reality in operators' networks.

"WAN-SDN analytics are critical because it's extremely difficult to create flexible networks that automatically accommodate operators' varied service offerings and dynamic traffic loads," said Scott Sherwood, Packet Design CEO. "With this partnership, the concept of a self-healing, self-optimizing network is here, enabling service providers to benefit from SDN more quickly and with less risk."

Packet Design's real-time analytics provide a foundation for developing WAN-SDN (also called carrier or service provider SDN) applications, uniquely correlating control plane, traffic and performance analytics. This information enables operators to understand how routing events and failures affect the path and performance of critical services. The real-time and historical intelligence also facilitate predictive analytics to accurately assess application requests for network resources and the best way to provision them.

Combined with NEC/Netcracker's Transport SDN solution, these analytics enable intelligent automation, helping operators manage both planned and unexpected changes as well as ensure optimal network service delivery. Packet Design's RESTful APIs provide programmatic access to microservices for building custom SDN applications.

"Service providers are early adopters of SDN, but they need the technical know-how and capabilities that Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker have built over the last two decades," said Rahul Chandra, Vice President of Worldwide SDN/NFV Business Development at Netcracker. "By combining Packet Design's always-current telemetry and analytics with NEC/Netcracker's policy-driven Transport SDN solution, service providers can create service differentiation ahead of their competition."

Under the agreement, Packet Design joins NEC/Netcracker's Ecosystem 2.0 program. They will jointly market and sell the combined SDN solutions. Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker are certifying the interoperability of each other's products and preparing joint go-to-market programs.

About Netcracker Technology

Netcracker Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is a forward-looking software company, offering mission-critical solutions to service providers around the globe. Our comprehensive portfolio of software solutions and professional services enables large-scale digital transformations, unlocking the opportunities of the cloud, virtualization and the changing mobile ecosystem. With an unbroken service delivery track record of more than 20 years, our unique combination of technology, people and expertise helps companies transform their networks and enable better experiences for their customers. For more information, visit

About Packet Design

Packet Design technology is used in the world's largest and most complex networks to improve network availability and performance, mitigate the risk from change, and enhance customer satisfaction. Its real-time telemetry and analytics are now powering intelligent automation by SDN controllers and service orchestrators in multi-layer, multi-vendor ecosystems. Packet Design customers deliver differentiated services faster and more economically, run their networks hotter with greater resiliency, and achieve first-mover competitive advantages. Visit for more information.

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