October 24, 2017

Analyst Report Identifies Netcracker 12's Expanded BSS as Strategic Digital Transformation Enabler

451 Research notes that Netcracker 12's Digital Customer and Digital Business Enablement layers aid digital transformation.

In a 451 Research report, research director and author Sheryl Kingstone calls out the evolution of Netcracker's BSS and the opportunities presented by its expanded functionality. Kingstone notes that Netcracker 12's Digital Customer Enablement and Digital Business Enablement layers have the core capabilities service providers need in order to enable a successful digital transformation.  

Kingstone notes that Netcracker’s Digital Customer Enablement layer's multispeed architecture allows service providers to seamlessly migrate to the cloud at their own pace, allowing them to focus on their specific strategic priorities. Likewise, Netcracker’s Digital Business Enablement layer can operate as the core business infrastructure, or enable a service provider to migrate its existing BSS functions to the cloud through a hybrid model.

Kingstone concluded that the Netcracker 12 suite is helping to push the market forward by addressing legacy technology complications brought about by outdated products that create significant business complexities.

Digital transformation is among the top priorities for most service providers. But transforming into a digital service provider requires the use of innovative technology and adoption of new methodologies.

To learn more about Netcracker 12's Digital Customer Enablement and Digital Business Enablement capabilities, check out the 451 Research Report.


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