September 6, 2017

Automation Drives Transactions at Hyperscale

As large industries automate core business processes, they create an official digital record that is valuable, sensitive and must be managed at hyperscale.

Automation is a common thread among some of the world's fastest-growing industries, as the opportunities presented by new technology drive the creation of data at hyperscale volumes. This information, created from monetary, data and command transactions, needs to be managed securely and safely.

The communications industry is a perfect example of how automation is enabling new opportunities like digital business, virtualization, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). But communications service providers are not the only companies embracing this hyperscale mentality brought about by automation. In fact, automation is quite far-reaching.

Shipping & Insurance

The shipping and insurance industries have always had a close relationship. Goods shipped in large containers must be tagged, inventoried, routed properly, delivered safely and insured. An accurate manifest, backed up with visual and documentary evidence, is fundamental to insurers. That's why the process of gathering, tracking, verifying and storing this data across shippers, shipping companies and insurers is becoming automated. This process generates a stream of transactions that represent the official record for claims, theft, fraud and proof of both receipt and delivery, which may release payment or trigger letters of credit. This data is as valuable and sensitive as call records, and it needs to be managed securely, reliably and at hyperscale.

Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

End-to-end industrial automation has been gaining favor for decades and is accelerating as software and connectivity add to its evolution. The scope of this automation exceeds assembly line automation and includes predictive supply chain management. Industrial environments are always governed by rules and regulations relating to health, safety, product quality, energy consumption and other factors. These regulatory and legal components make a digital record of the manufacturing process an official source. Similar to shipping manifest data, this manufacturing data is very sensitive and must be treated with care. Industry 4.0 processes will generate this information at and beyond hyperscale.

Precision Farming

Take a long drive across America’s Midwest and among the endless cornfields and dairy farms you will see complex machinery executing dangerous tasks at extremely large scale. Food production is sensitive to time, weather and temperature; it is subject to stringent regulations; and its safety and efficiency is critical to national security. Innovators are automating and refining food production using analytics and AI technology to reduce costs, increase yield and eliminate accidents. As food production is automated, the transactional record it produces also represents an official record that supports everything from consumer labeling to legal investigations.

As service providers across industries try to keep pace with massive data volume increases, adopting higher levels of automation is the answer. And while service providers automate their BSS environments, often with a two-speed architecture approach that leverages new microservices, this increased automation will provide the basis for any type of transaction to be tracked, priced and monetized. 


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